Keeping the Family Engaged

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There are a number of tools available that you can use to keep the family engaged with each other. Soclal Media There are many social media sites, but Facebook is probably the best and most widely used platform for family members to share information on what is going on in their lives and whats important to them. While you can certainly upload pictures to your website, Facebook gives family members a great vehicle to share their families pictures while at the same time relieving you of the need to keep up with everyones latest favourite pictures. For an example FaceBook family group, visit the Pollner, Krumholz, Gross FaceBook group. Mailing Lists Constant Contact offers a great online software package to share newsletters and updates with your family. They have many different templates to choose from and offer an option for people to subscribe to your mailing list directly from your website. This is a great way to let people know of news as it happens. Tools to maintain and share your family tree Family Tree Maker:This is a desktop tool, made by the folks from, is the industry standard for tracking / documenting your family tree. It also integrates with Online Document Translation: As you research your family, you will often find documents in other languages. Online translation tools have advanced quite a bit. Google Translate is one of the best. Its free and supports quite a few languages.
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